Emergency Response: 4 Key Times to Immediately Contact a Restoration Company

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While you might not frequently think about the services of a restoration company, there are times when their expertise is essential. Here are four common situations where you might need professional restoration services:

1. Water Damage: Immediate Action Required

Water damage can arise from many sources such as a flooded basement, a broken water heater, burst pipes, a leaky dishwasher, sewage leaks, or extreme weather. Quick action is crucial to prevent further damage to your home. For minor incidents, you may handle the cleanup yourself, if the water source is controlled. However, significant water damage requires professional intervention. Best Option Restoration uses advanced equipment, both to extract the moisture and then to dry out the area, to efficiently manage and mitigate water damage, ensuring quick removal to prevent structural damage and mold growth, especially in cases involving potentially hazardous graywater or blackwater. 

2. Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration: Regain Peace of Mind

A fire in your home can be overwhelming, with even a small fire leaving extensive smoke damage, soot, and odors. 

The results of a fire can easily overwhelm anyone, leading to feelings of stress, anxiety, and even hopelessness. This is where the expertise of a professional restoration company like Best Option Restoration of NWA becomes invaluable. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to efficiently handle the cleanup and restoration of fire damage, providing you with much-needed peace of mind.

At Best Option Restoration of NWA, we are available 24/7 to support you. Our comprehensive services include boarding up, water extraction, damage restoration, content cleaning, and odor removal. We aim to restore your home to its pre-damage condition. Additionally, we provide assistance with insurance claims, documenting the damage and guiding you through the recovery process step by step, ensuring you feel supported at every turn.

Severe fires that cause structural damage need immediate professional attention. 

3. Mold Remediation: Why You Need Experts

Finding mold in your home may pose significant health risks and can cause structural damage to your home. Mold often thrives in hard-to-reach places, such as inside walls, crevices, attics and crawl spaces, and can spread rapidly. Best Option Restoration's trained and certified technicians specialize in identifying moisture sources, removing mold and mold spores, and preventing future growth with antimicrobial treatments. DIY mold removal is risky and often ineffective, potentially leading to more extensive and costly damage.

If you’ve found mold in your home, give Best Option Restoration of NWA a call.  We will come out and take a look at the situation and let you know what our recommendations are. 

4. Commercial Damage Restoration: Protecting Your Business

Disasters affecting a business—whether from flooding, fire, smoke, or mold—can severely impact operations and lead to financial losses. Best Option Restoration of NWA provides comprehensive services tailored for businesses to minimize downtime and restore operational status swiftly. 

Our team is equipped with industry-leading technology and techniques to tackle damage of any scale. From initial damage assessment through to final restoration, we provide a seamless service designed to reduce downtime and restore your business environment to its pre-disaster condition. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the stakes are high, and our goal is to get your operations back on track with minimal interruption, safeguarding your business's future.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Best Option Restoration of NWA is dedicated to assisting you during a disaster, offering rapid, effective solutions with minimal disruption from a local, family owned business. Available around the clock, every day of the year, we strive to provide peace of mind with many services covered by insurance, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Trust us to be your recovery partner, delivering expert assistance, and peace of mind, exactly when you need it most. For immediate assistance, contact us at (479) 458-8840.

Best Option Restoration of NWA is a 24/7 Emergency water, fire and mold damage repair company. We are locally owned and operated, licensed and insured. Our experienced technicians will arrive quickly and with a sense of urgency when you call us for help. We work with all insurance companies and are happy to assist you with your claim. 


You can depend on Best Option Restoration of NWA to have the best equipment and utilize the latest technology to repair your property fast and professionally. If your home or business has water damage, fire damage, or mold damage, contact Best Option Restoration of NWA for fast, friendly, local service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 



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